My name is Traci! I am also known as babe, love, and best wife EVER to my goofy Lord of the Rings loving husband of seven years (insert crying laughing emoji here). He is my person. When life gives us experiences, it's this beach going babe I want to experience it with. I am also a mother of two beautiful little girls. Our house has the fluffiest of tutus and dabs of glitter on the floor most days. There is a constant pitter patter of little feet with the happiest little girl belting every Disney princess song there is! I tend to over do it on chocolate, bargain shopping and Netflix. I am in love with crafting and often use music as my go to background noise. Genuinely, my favorite sounds are my daughters laughing! Whether it be at each other (big sister is silly!) or with mommy and daddy, nothing can top it! And yes.. I do have a serious love for explanation points! I am optimistic, sincere and guaranteed to make you laugh to get those true candid images. Life is beautiful, chaotic, and unplanned. My faith and my family are my greatest treasures! 

I am a lifestyle and wedding photographer. Photography has given me the greatest opportunity to document our life's stages and experiences. I have been so blessed to be able to document my own family's milestones. One of my favorite things to do is go through older photos. Yes I am definitely ugly crying looking back at photos of my oldest as a baby, but with that cry I also have a lot of joy and wholeness. That is what I want to give to my clients. That vivid and authentic experience.